• ZJGLEADER MGO BOARD will not burn and has been tested to 1200°c with no combustion or flame out.
  • ZJGLEADER MGO BOARD does not hold water and so superheated steam will not “blow out” the product as it may do with standard building bricks in fire conditions.
  • ZJGLEADER MGO BOARD is totally fire resistant. It will not burn in a fire storm. ZJGLEADER MGO BOARD is applicable in BAL 12.5 to 40 and FZ flame zone regulation areas when used to protect exposed timber framing eaves joists etc.
  • ZJGLEADER MGO BOARD insulation properties help protect internal furnishing from internal combustion and flash burning from high external temperatures.
  • ZJGLEADER MGO BOARD will not ignite from ember attacks. Bush fire ember attack is the largest single national contributor to home loss.
  • ZJGLEADER MGO BOARD is 8 to 10 times stronger than normal plaster board products and insulates from intense heat and cold.
  • ZJGLEADER MGO BOARD will not degrade or break down in water and resists mould and mildew so is ideal for flood prone areas.
  • ZJGLEADER MGO BOARD is of no interest to insect pests and termites.
How is ZJGLEADER MGO BOARD different?