The material of ZJGLEADER fireproof board is formed for natural materials,such as the inorganic matter,plant fiber,etc.,radioactivity is well below the national standard,environmental protection accord with national request,and it is new product encouraged by state policies.

We are highly conscious of the environment and we are dedicated to environmentally responsible manufacturing processes for all our quality building materials. ZJGLEADER fireproof board is not a timber based product, which means that no trees are felled in the process of production. It is manufactured from 45% magnesium oxide waste that is 100% recyclable; making our building boards a preferred option for our Australia wide customers.

The longevity of ZJGLEADER fireproof board prevents deterioration, making our building boards sustainable. ZJGLEADER fireproof board has great moisture resistance which makes it an ideal solution for heavy rainfall regions, and its resistance to humidity, mould and mildew will prevent bacteria growing. ZJGLEADER fireproof board has been very successful in establishing a powerful and responsible image in the market of fire proof building boards. Our ecologically designed building boards with various end user benefits, pushes the market to higher standards.


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