(1) Plate: In general,it is recommended to do the partition board with glass magnesium board with 6mm thickness.
(2) Accessories: more than 6mm plate fixed to the keel frame on to 3.5200mm countersunk head screws, nail head below the surface of 0.5mm, so as to ensure a smooth finish.
(3)Installation: when starting the installation, the accurate position of the keel must be marked, and make a mark. The vertical keel center distance Wei 450-600mm and connection to the wall and windows and doors on both sides of the installation to install additional keel, such as wall height greater than 2440mm shall in the plate at the junction of the installation of the supporting keels.
(4)The board distance: the distance between the adjacent sheet of 4-6mm, plate and the ground must be kept between 5mm clearance, screw installation center distance of 150mm, from the edge of the plate edge 10mm, distance board angle 30mm.
(5)Hanging between the bathroom or kitchen hanging weight, must be reinforced with wood or keel, so as not to damage the plate.
(6) Joint treatment: in the installation plate and the plate left a gap 4-6mm, 107 glue or glue and mix thoroughly after use with a scraper smearing plate and the gap, and then use tape or mesh tape applanation.
(7) Paint decoration: you can use spraying, brushing or rolling, but must refer to the paint when the paint.
(8) Surface decorative Tiling: in the bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, basement, and other wet areas of the installation when, at the surface of the plate affixed tiles between the keel distance must be shortened to 400mm. The wall every three blocks (about 3.6 meters) must have a flexible joint.
(9) Sound insulation wall: for wall has a higher sound insulation effect must be tightly closed wall and plate requirements, to within the walls of the air filling mineral wool, such as using two different thickness of plate on both sides of the keel, sound insulation effect is better.
(10) Anti impact wall: it is recommended that you choose to use 8mm above the board or plus a plate, second plates with a long some of the reinforcement. This method can enhance the impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance performance.

What are the characteristics of Magnesium Oxide board partition installation