Leading in a growing market.
The benefits and cost-efficiencies of fiber cement are driving overall market growth by 8 percent annually. Fiber Cement by ZJGLEADER is driving increasing market share with innovative features that provide better aesthetics and  increased options for customers to choose from, as well as superior quality and unmatched attention to customer service.  The market continues to grow—and continues to lead.  The builder’s choice  in fiber cement board.
Premier fiber cement collection offers advanced technology that ZJGLEADER is known for in the building industry coupled with more choices for styles, textures and colors.
The product line includes exterior siding, architectural  panels, shakes, soffits, trim and interior backerboard.It is committed to giving world-class service to its customers  and delivering a superior product line infused with beauty  that is built to stand the test of time.

Why choose ZJGLEADER fiber cement board