Built-in moisture defense.
Our advanced technology created to produce Zjgleader Fiber Cement  board is now applied to interior ceramic tile underlayment. Zjgleader  Fiber Cement Backerboard + Underlayment features a dense,  non-porous surface, which is an excellent choice for kitchen and  bathroom applications where moisture is a fact of life.
The surface and edges are smoother than competing products  for easier installation and cleaner finished jobs.
Technical Specifications
Zjgleader Fiber Cement Backerboard is made of precisely blended  combination of Portland cement, wood fibers and specialty additives.  Our exclusive manufacturing process transforms these raw materials  into fiber cement backer products that deliver outstanding performance in an easy-to-install package.
Versatile and suitable for floors, walls and countertops, Zjgleader  Backerboard is adaptable with tile, natural stone, faux stone and  brick veneer. It’s lightweight, easy to nail, moisture resistant and  non-combustible. Zjgleader Backerboard is backed by a 20-year  limited warranty.

Why choose a fiber cement board as your building material