The advantages of Mgo sulfate board

1.Fireproof,non-combustible,classA1 non-combustible sheet.
2.Waterproof, Anti-halogenation,moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance.
3.Heat insulation,sound insulation.
4.Low stretching rate,light weight and high strength,overall low density.
5.Smooth surface,can be painted,,paste tile,paste wallpaper and otherdecorative materials.
6.Good fire resistance performance,12mm thickness plate can be made partition ,it can reach 4 hours fire resistance.
7.Construction of low wear and tear, can be cut,saw,nail,bent.
8.Free from smog, poison,smell , erosion,crack , distortion
9.Good safety performance: This product is 100% free of asbestos and radiation, it will not create the organic

What is the advantages of Mgo sulfate board?