ZJGLEADER fiber cement board is made from high-quality fibre and mineral substances with advanced technology and process,which have undergone high temperature and high pressure maintenance,and special treatment.

fiber cement board24_副本

Main mechanical performance indexes

Name of product Density


Rupture cracking strength


Water adsorption rate


Water impermeability Freezing resistance Incombustibility
Fiber cement board 1.1-1.4 10 35 No water drop from the bottom surface after water immersing for 24h No delamination or other damages after 25 freeze-thaw cycles Conforming to GB5624 A grade
1.4-1.7 12 26


  • 1220*2440*4-20mm
  • Other optional specifications available upon request
  • Optional surface sanding and finishing treatment

Main characteristics

  1. Excellent fireproof performance
  2. Excellent moisture-proof performance
  3. Good durability and long service life
  4. High strength
  5. Stable dimensions
  6. Good heat and sound insulation

Recommended applications

  • Interior and exterior wall
  • Furred ceiling
  • Insulation materials,floor
  • Sound adsorbing wall
  • Sound adsorbing suspended ceiling
  • Road barrier
The most popular fiber cement board in South Korea