Compare with Magnesium Oxide Board,Magnesium Sulphate Board prevent the humidity absorption becuase of its chemical features.

Let me explain this for you:

Magnesium Oxide Board” is made of magnesium oxide,magnesium chloride(MgCl2),perlite,chip,non-woven fabric,fiberglass mesh.

When magnesium chloride react with magnesium oxide,it may not react completely with each other and led to come out to the surface of the board,magnesium chloride itself has the function of moisture absorption,so it will absorb water from the air because of the extra unreacted magneisum chloride,make the board become very damp and affect the life span.

However,we did some research with other experts and then found the replacement of magnesium oxide,that is magnesium sulfate,and this powder can prevent the humidity absorption.

I have also made some research on Suriname,Suriname is a country with tropical rainforest climate and the degrees is always around 23-27°,and April to August is the rainy season which means 1/4 year, you are under a rainy sky,and because of this,I think you may can have a try on this new product.

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The different between Magnesium Oxide Board and Magnesium Sulphate Board