Main Characteristics:

Material Base:MGO Board

Surface material:laminated PVC

Back material:superior aluminum foil

Bending strength:15Mpa (GB/T7019-1997)

Density:0.8-1.1g/cm3  (GB/T7019-1997

Absorbing water rate 15%   (JC688-1998)

Fireproof characteristic:A grade not combustible (GB8624-1997)    no combustible (BS476 Part4)

Thermal resistance:1.14m2K/W  (GB/T13475-92)

The corner is dealt with:Bright shelf platform/drops

Radioactivity:Not limited by the scope of application  (GB6763-2000)

Safe:100% does not include such harmful substancea as the asbestos and etc.


Main Size:

603*603*5mm-8mm   595*595*5mm-8mm

Other size also requests.

Using Place

The office,the meeting room,the mall,the hotel,the restaurant,the library,the computer laboratory,the hospital,the industrial factory building,classroom and other high humidity and clean place.


PVC coated mgo ceiling
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