Glass magnesium board of halogen moisture absorption return refers to the high humidity environment, the product surface to absorb air moisture condensation on the surface, the surface gradually become damp, and condenses into water droplets. When the humidity of the medium is reduced, the air becomes dry, products on the surface of the water evaporates into the air, again leave some chlorine salt crystals on the surface, feel sticky astringent phenomenon. What are the causes of this phenomenon?
Scope of application
It is applicable to any light burned magnesia powder, magnesium sulfate solution for cementing materials magnesium sulfate board: such as sulfur oxide magnesium fire door core board oxygen, sulfur, magnesium foam board, sulfur oxide magnesium fire prevention board, sulfur oxide magnesium inorganic glass steel duct, sulfur oxide magnesium trailer, henhouse piggery, sulfur, oxygen greenhouses stent magnesium, sulfur, oxygen magnesium BaoWenWu panels, partition panel, sulfur oxide magnesium corrugated tiles, sulfur oxide magnesium Wells, sulfur oxide magnesium crafts, mural setting wall is reinforced and other products.
The recommended dosage.
Recommended dosage: 0.8% ~ 1.5% (weight of light burned magnesia powder).

1.water resistant magnesium sulfate board strengthening agent dosage according to the weight of the light burned magnesia powder ratio calculation, and accurate measurement.
2. This product is easy to use, can join in magnesium sulfate solution, first add light burned magnesia powder and other materials mixed stirring, and extended mixing time 1 ~ 2 minutes.

1.Different products will use a different formulation and production technology, but must use qualified light burned magnesia and magnesium sulfate and other industrial raw materials.
2.The production environment temperature should be in more than 15 ℃, can be adjusted according to the material setting time speed and environmental temperature modifier dosage, but should be within the recommended dosage, shoulds not be too little or too much.
3.This product is a chemical, ppe should be worn when using, to prevent and avoid direct contact with the hand into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Otherwise
4.If used together with other admixture, should be determined by test before mass production is feasible.
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Low strength and poor water resistance of Magnesium Sulfate board