Fireproof and stop burning
Magnesium oxide board has outstanding fireproof performance.It is fireproof board.The duration of the flame is zero,800 DEG C without burning, 1200 DEG C without flame, reached the highest fireproofing level A1 level, production and quality keel partition system, refractory limit reached more than 3 hours, in case of fire burning process can absorb a lot of heat, delay the increase of ambient temperature.
Waterproof and moisture proof
In a cool, dry and wet weather,magnesium oxide board performance always firmly as one, not by condensation of drops of water and moist air, even put soaked in water for a few days after the removal of the natural air dry, no deformation, soft can be normal use and no occurrence of moisture absorption returned to the halogen phenomenon. After testing, the board has no water permeability.

Moisture fire3

Fireproof and moisture proof magnesium oxide board