1 Raw materials:calcium silicate board of cement content is relatively small,it is the use of sand and fly ash instead of cement. Cement board cement content is naturally higher than calcium silicate board, so the durability of the plate is better.

2 Molding process:Fiber cement board is pressed by press, calcium silicate board is made by high temperature and pressure steam pressure.
3 Nature of the difference: calcium silicate board is through the chemical reaction of chemical products, fiber cement board is only the physical properties of the transformation of physical products.
4 Density:The density of the fiber cement board is higher than that of calcium silicate board, the density of calcium silicate board is about 1.2g/cm3, the density of cement board is above 1.5g/cm3, and the density is not the same.

5 Color difference: cement pressure plate color is the same as the color of cement, and calcium silicate board color is white.

6. The thickness of the difference: calcium silicate board of conventional thickness 6-12mm, cement plate thickness can do 2.5-100mm, calcium silicate board up to a thickness of range in 4-30mm, 4mm below and above 30mm thickness is do not come out.

Fiber cement board As calcium silicate board