• Fire resistant

    Fire resistant

    In order to protect our personal and property safety from Fire. ZJGLEADER products are the best choice for you. Measured through national anthoritative organization,ZJGLEADER fireproof  board is the A grade not-burning material.The wall and steel construction which are comprised by this materials,itsRead More »
  • Flood resistant

    Flood resistant

    Different from Gypsum plasterboard, ZJGLEADER fireproof board will not degrade at all in water or flooding. So just wait a few days in warm weather maybe a week or so in colder climes after the water level has receded andRead More »
  • Mould,Moisture and Bacteria Resistant

    Mould,Moisture and Bacteria Resistant

    ZJGLEADER Board is resistant to Mould,won’t retain Moisture and repels Bacteria. Being a Health Safe product,ZJGLEADER Board won’t warp when re-dried,doesn’t degrade in wet areasand does not provide an environment for moule and bacteria spores to spread. Through being proved,ZJGLEADERRead More »
  • Light Weight and Impact Resistant

    Light Weight and Impact Resistant

    ZJGLEADER fireproof board is stronger and will last up to 4x longer than standard building board Being a product of supperior quality and build than other building boards,replacement and maintenance is never an issue The weight of 10 mm thicknessRead More »
  • Sound Resistant

    Sound Resistant

    ZJGLEADER fireproof board has a decibel rating of 50Db This means that you can have the TV up nice and high in one room,and be on a conference call in the next,as ZJGLEADER fireproof board has in-built sound insulation toRead More »
  • Termite Resistant

    Termite Resistant

    ZJGLEADER fireproof board will not be eaten damaged by White Ants termite damage Made from a completely unique and non-toxic fiber composite mix,fireproof board is impervious to termites and the like. Control of these termites can be very costly with regularRead More »
  • Environment and Health

    Environment and Health

    The material of ZJGLEADER fireproof board is formed for natural materials,such as the inorganic matter,plant fiber,etc.,radioactivity is well below the national standard,environmental protection accord with national request,and it is new product encouraged by state policies. We are highly conscious ofRead More »
  • Carbon Footprint

    Carbon Footprint

    The kiln temperatures for ZJGLEADER fireproof board production are 50% lower than cement based and plasterboard products, therefore CO2 pollution is halved in manufacturing. ZJGLEADER fireproof board draws back a further 90% of CO2 produced during manufacturing, making our fireRead More »